I'm not particularly interested in cars, but I must admit they are quite amusing when it comes to illustrating them.

I started by tracing all the basic shapes, and kept going untill I had enough detail. Once I had all the shapes contour, I colored them using spot colors in different tones and opacities. Later, I removed the outline and added gradients, trasparencies and other effects in Illustrator.
Car Trace - Digital Illustration.
Outline + Final Illustration.
Outline + Final Illustration Detail.
STEP 1 : Trace all the basic less complex shapes.
STEP 2 : Trace all the complex shapes.
STEP 3 : Add color to each shape without removing the outline.
STEP 4 : Remove the outline.
STEP 5: Add Gradients, Transparencies & other Effects.
Outline + Final Illustration Detail.
Finished Illustration Detail.
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