EL FARO, is a multidisciplinary workspace and education center where people of all ages explore different drawing, painting and crafting techniques. 

My first step to create a logotype for this center, was to research lighthouse images just for inspiration. Then I started working on the conceptual aspects and thought a snow globe could be a nice metaphor to show the intention of this center. 

Once the logo was sketched, retouched and cleaned up, I moved on to the next stage of the project, developing a postcard; I wanted to give my client something completely different from what other local art workshops use for advertising, so I created 5 plasticine cartoons of famous and recognizable painters under the concept "They all stared Somewhere, You can start Here".  This is intended to encourage people who are new to art to just give it a try.
Refernces - Stock Images.
Sketch #1.
Sketch # 2.
Plasticine portraits for promotional postcard.
Frida Kahlo.
Andy Warhol.
Promotional Postcard.
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