For some reason, I've always been interested in Celtic Art and culture so before I started this project I already had a little bit of an image bank I used for inspiration. The main challenge with this project,  was creating a logo based in typical Irish elements without recurring to stereotypes, I used a Clover, Uilleann Pipes and Celtic Knots as a reference and created an icon with them. An other stereotype to avoid was the use of uncial or medieval fonts, so I used a serif upper case for the text instead.

Usually after I'm done developing a logotype I will adjust it to a grid. This clears visual tension or misalignments providing a better reading and general appearance of  the logo.

The color palette is inspired on earth tones,  Ireland is full of green landscapes, so this palette was the perfect opportunity to bring this up.
Foggy Dew.
Main Logo.
Icon Grid.
Color Palette & Other Applications.
Brand Motif.
Business Card.
Business Cards.
Custom Cards.
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