This aimation was created entirely out of paper, we used the Huawei P9 to capture every frame.
T H A N K S   F O R  W A T C H I N G 
Magia Blanca Films & Mirum Agency
Script: Juan Christian Aguirre.
Character Design & Puppet: Sarai Loyola
Storyboard: Olivia Medina.
Sets & Props: Aleyda Barrueta, Sarai Loyola, Olivia Medina, Mayrení Senior Seda, Jocelyn Ramos.
Costume Design: Sarai Loyola, Aleyda Barrueta, Olivia Medina. 
Main Animator: Mayrení Senior Sedas.
Cinematography: Juan Christian Aguirre.
Sound Design & Mix: Ricardo Riedel.
Post Production: Fernando Mercado.
Special Thanks to: Camaleon Films.
Direction & Production: Jocelyn Ramos.

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