Self Promotional Sculpted Ilustration

I made this sculpture to create a postcard for self promotion. I wanted to give a personal touch to my "Leave Behind" with out actually having a picture with my face on it.

I've drawn several selfportraits before, this time I wanted something different so I decided to create a sculpted Illustration, the main reason being I would love to be able to create this type illustration for other people and clients too...  it's a lot of fun for me! ( I get to watch TV and movies while I do it!)
The AMAZING Roller Machine...
...and the perfectly flattened Super Sculpey.
Building the Skeleton with Wire and Aluminum.
Gollum Stage.
Adding details.
Inside the Oven.
Adding color with Acrylics.
Adding color with Acrylics.
Getting the set ready for the Photoshoot.
Digital Retouch.
Self Promotional Postcards.
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