The following illustrations are part of a wider project called SANTA MADERA, wich focuses on the union of a famous person and famous logo; this detailed illustrations were created as a metaphore to the design process, where you observe and analize every single detail untill you become familiar and confortable with what you've learned during the research process.

In order to create this series of portraits, I start by mapping all the basic shapes and volume over the original picture and I keep going untill I have all the detail needed.
References: Framing & Alignment
Kirsten Dunst, Mick Jagger , Reese Witherspoon, Johnny Depp & Brad Pitt.
Mick Jagger.
Mick Jagger - Outline View Detail.
Reese Witherspoon.
Reese Witherspoon - Outline View Detail.
Brad Pitt.
Brad Pitt - Outline View Detail.
Kirsten Dunst.
Kirsten Dunst - Outline View Detail.
Johnny Depp.
Johnny Depp - Outline View Detail.
Mapping over the Original Picture.
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