I was recently commanded to design a blackboard menu for a sea food restaurant called Barrio Costero. All the words were supposed to be vinyl cutted, but after the design was approved, my boss and I thought it would definitly look better in chalk.

The decision to draw instead of print was on such short notice that the blackboard was finished just before the restaurant opening, fortunatly a friend from work offered to help, otherwise I think I wouldn't have finished it on time, having a pretty close deadline made us work really efficiently while having a great time out of the office! 
Finished Blackboard.
Digital "sketch", I thought I was done at this point, but I'm glad I wasn't.
The blank blackboard and some crates.
I started sketching pretty much everything with a white color crayon.
I stencilled important things like the Restaurant Logo, just to make sure it looked accurate and used a carpenter's square for the long lines.
After we transfered all the words and graphic elements, we filled them up with white chalk.
We focused on having everything roughly done, we would go back to fix the serifs and other details when the blackboard looked kind of finished.
A closer look...
That's my friend from work, she turned out to be really good at this!
Almost there...
In spite of having all the composition planned ahead we had to fill up some empty spaces...
...but we did get time to fix outlines and clean up a little :)
Oh Crab...
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